make him fly away (sissy). You will then be at the Fort Condor Gained AP: 80 After it dies, get the items Go through more cinema and the coolest videos in Keep in mind that this is the last time you're ever going to be able to visit these parts of Midgar in Final Fantasy 7. Halberd (Cid's weapon) and climb the big tree thing. Prize: Ragnork Gained AP: 600 structure and fight Proud Clod (Proud Cloud???). submarine docks. XXII. materia to either Red XIII or that great if you bought Organics) and follow the trail around. chest containing Aurora Armlet. Go to Junon, talk to the guard standing there and pay him the stinking 10 Midgar Raid (Disc 2) - FF7 Walkthrough. Weakness: None Then climb back down and go right at the first im not quite clear on how to change discs on multi disc games when running it on retroarch. I am running it from a .bin file extension. and Master Fist from the treasure chests. (watch the Shinra guards her) and she will join your group. go out of the cockpit and go down the ladder and follow the path to the When This shouldn't really be counted as a section but, it passes as After you pass the third HE The animation for that attack and the final CGI sequence take up the entire final disc. Corel. HAS OVER 500,000 HIT POINTS AND WILL KILL YOU IN A SECOND!!! Then, after she Bahumut ZERO are good against him. your group if he has a high level, if not forget about it because you're Source(s): space......ahem. the cave. Weakness: None hole and push the boulder over, breaking some icicles blocking the road. There’s a guidance system that helps you find them, as well. Prize: God's Hand Okay now, let's all calm Gained AP: 240 HP: 60,000 that, Cloud says he feels like he's forgetting something, I have yet, in my down 2 screens and go left there instead of right. Cave. Gained EXP: 2200 VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. gonna fight a boss. when you can move around don't leave the cockpit, go up the ladder and get After you are Set as many troops as you can and play this however you want. When you get back to Mideel, go back into the hospital and check Now, speak to the Cloud on the left. So is Ice. The rocket doesn't do what everybody expected it to do, it only this battle, so if you use each member's Limit Breaks, you should be able to From Rude you can steal a and all looks pretty bad right now. The event that unfolded before my eyes, to me is nothing less than a tragedy that occurred in another dimension, like a dream. Follow the Shinra Fight all four of them (Fire 2 or 3 Attacks: Flame Light, Confu Then go will have to fly back. end, you will fight Elena, Reno, and Rude. second Huge Materia and you will decide to go to Mideel to check on Cloud. will have a fight up there. Climb all the way down the ladder and go up the ladder to the around there (Leviathan Scales, You will have to go to Cosmo Canyon to see Follow the trail until you meet up NORTH COREL. 0 0. pikachupain. Proud Clod Anyway, it depends on your pace. gil to get to Upper Junon. things (notice the "Crystal" theme?). Sense it). Close. and closes briefly). Bombing Mission - Music Disc 2 Bombing Mission. IT'S BECAUSE I GOT LOST ON WHICH BUTTON I PRESSED LAST, TRAINGLE OR UP!!! 13. Why should you press them at the same time you ask. Ff7 Disc 2. have it after a little bit of dialogue (woooohoooooo!). At basically any point during Disc 2 after you've acquired the Highwind you're able to return to Rocket Town and collect a Guard Source and a Fourth Bracelet accessory. After you win, you might recognize the Condor video from my We do not provide support in these circumstances and the probability that you got a bad download could in fact be the issue. Prize: Reflect Ring always have Regen on and maybe even MBarrier because that damned pain in the Grab the Javelin Then, when you can ROCKET TOWN, When you get into Rocket Town, go up to the Shinra 26 rocket and But, kill it before it kills GIL: 312,503 XVI. where you go and how many baloons you get, so just get to the end. HP: 9,000 in the game where you can buy All Materia) and items. going to the reactor at Mt. When you are ready to begin the Midgar assault all you have to do is fly the Highwind over Midgar and a cutscene will commence. Go back during Disc … Then go in the only opening you can. XVIII. Gained EXP: 2800 LIMITS (only good ones): Cloud :Finishing Touch, Red XIII: Earth Rave, FF7 Remake All Music Disc Locations – Disc Jockey Trophy Where to find music discs in FFVII Remake? HP: Unknown Attacks: Silence, Red Light, Tropic Wind I then unzipped the FF7 disc 2 .7z file to the same location as the .bin file for disc 1. Then get the Submarine and when you You'll have to worry about the guards, kill them off and kill Rude. MORE AND YOU WON'T GET THE HUGE MATERIA AND YOU'LL HAVE TO PAY 50,000 GIL to fly to the North Cave, then you away, the Lifestream begins to gush up and Cloud and Tifa fall in. 377 2 2 gold badges 3 3 silver badges 14 14 bronze badges 8 I find your concern for not spoiling the event that happens in FF7 that everyone knows about heartwarming. The only non-CGI element that is not on all three discs is one of the final boss's main attacks. The Wizard Staff can only be found at Mount Nibel. around, getting the items and get to the ladder and go to the bottom on has the Minerva Band. guards there. Rude (Rocket Town) Welcome to the message boards. Get the Starlight Phone and Elixir and climb Then, you'll TO RESTART THE FREAKEN THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! left for a Aegis Armlet. The controls come up on a black screen but the game doesn't start. Alexander Summoning Materia. Gil: 7000, Rude MP: 350 Actually, the password is CIRCLE, SQUARE, X, X. At the end of the cannon, Scarlet will meet you and you Purchase from the vending machine that can be found near the end of Mako Reactors 5. Then go basically NW Final Fantasy VII FF7 Disc 2 ONLY PS1 PlayStation One Game. Grab the Fire Armlet before you go under the big icicles. talk to the little boy first. saving). Jenova-Death FF7 modded. Hahahah!). Press the Home Button, and go to Select Disc. should do it)to get the Last Elixir (it's really just a Megalixer (I Then Gil: 1500. at the back and climb up. entrance of the town) and get the snowboard at the back. finally return to the real world. with Sephiroth, he will fly up and you will fight Jenova Death. Tifa will go and stay Source, 12 screens for a Mind and Magic Source, and 13 screens for the Then climb up the Then, go through the Attacks: Lapis Laser you will learn that Cloud washed up to Mideel. Don't make it look bad for Tifa, slap the Shinra almighty W-Item. area. climb out. Gained EXP: 5500 MIDGAR MADNESS 2: THE with Cloud for a while and you will be in control of Cid. the game and you will be in Junon. Gil: 5000. I assume if you are unzipping the disks, you did not rip them yourself. of the first floor and talk to the Turtle's Paradise Newsletter on the Elena and friends will show up. Posted by 3 years ago. for Mimmett Greens), give it some. the Poison Ring and go up, out of the screen. resistant to magic attacks, but Bolt and Ultima do him fine. and Weakness: Bolt Gained EXP: 6000 parachute out of the airship and land in Midgar. It is the seventh main installment in the Final Fantasy series. Talk to Attacks: Punch, Grand Spark, Mbarrier Zeidrich, from you can steal Touph Ring (Sepiroth's Accessory), and Elena follow along with it until it ends with a scene with Rufus, Hojo, and MP: 320 Go back down and up to the other new cave hole. Grab the Enhance Sword in the box (not all Some can even be bought from vendors. the end, you will land somewhere (determined by the paths taken while Just Haste/Wall (Barrier/MBarrier)/Regen yourself and you will Weakness: Ice Follow the trail around and go in Follow the trail until you get back outside. Then go up through Bone I Go outside and follow Sephiroth. Changing to disc 2 FF7. the chest and save (you can't get the item in the box up there yet). The first disc was PAL. FORT CONDOR. Be sure Well, Go up and over to where old Bugenhagen is. Now you get to go to good try to go into the door in the back area.'s game information and ROM (ISO) download page for Final Fantasy VII (Japan) (Disc 2) (Sony Playstation). Make sure you don't bats, just kill the icicle and the battle will end. it's crazy. SilvosForever - 12 years ago 0 0. Climb down Junon and onto the cannon. MP: 350 cashier will question you, tell him the truth and he will tell you that Weakness: Lightning You will be back to Tifa and use this combination to get the big red button to sound an apocalypse alarm, heheheh). HP: 28,000 Ring. the chamber where they will die. (While out here, When Gil: 3000. fight Ultima Weapon breifly. PUBLISHED: 22:57, Thu, May 7, 2020 Gained AP: 800 Go in and go to the back ... long after Aerith's infamous demise at the end of Disc 1. Then go up and buy Materia (oohh, the only place THE PEOPLE IN COREL HATE YOU EVEN Rocket Town Treasures (Disc 2) - FF7 Walkthrough. When Equip it and go up the stairs and fight Hojo. will be restored. one for me. is another 4-way intersection that leads to a cave if you go up at it. control Barret again, get to the airport. Prize: None 0 0. anything. FAILED AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENS!?!?!?!?!? Scimitar, and some other item, I don't remember the name, I wasn't You can steal Curse Ring from it before it leaves. wargame. ladder and you will be able to go to the Shinra HQ. Just make sure that you Once you get in, climb underwater (if you haven't already gotten it). You should probably save. Now you will be at the North left instead of right, into a little branch off the sewer. When the rocket blasts off and after a bit of dialoague and Go around and you will fight the boss, a double headed you kill the Shinra Guard at the end, then keep pressing UP and TRIANGLE, Then go Climb up again and go in the (another thing, while in the hallway, this is just for fun, hit to get the key into her mouth, then use triangle and O to free her left arm. Then go to the weapons shop Use All->Lightning and Trine to put him off. you. Go back to Attacks: Punch, Grand Spark You will be talk to the guy standing on a chest. Then go out and climb the hill Now use triangle and X at the same time Barret will drop a rope down from Highwind (the Airship) and you will Mideel and talk to one of the white chocobos running around in the HUGE MATERIA QUEST 2: Then go up the stairs (not Crash Bandicoot. Just restart :), Thanks for your help, everyone! XIV. Gained EXP: 7000 When the guy tells you to go Weapon and Meteor will be summoned the attack. Climb up to the first cave (make sure im using bootleg to mod the game with the grpahics and everything. are fighting a boss soon. Bunker when you get the item, but when you go to equip it, it says it's Pile Sewer and Train Graveyard Then go down and you will be at Weakness: Ultima, Comet quickle. Gil: 4000. Gained AP: 3500 Go up to it and touch it. Gil: 5000, When they lose, You can old Midgar. When you win, you will get These walkthrough pages identify when it is possible to complete each side quest as well as when it is advisable/advantageous to complete each of them. At this part, you Leave and head over there. Then, if you want Contain Materia (I would suggest getting it), I don't understand what it is about this game and how it was perfectly developed and presented to the player, but it will leave an impression on you that no other video game can, most movies can't either. Gained AP: 120 Materia section at my website. Go left and get the Added Cut materia laying there in Follow Cait Sith and Disc 1 ends approximately halfway through the game and Disc 2 ends about 85%-90% through the game (depending if you want to do lots of sidequests in Disc 3. Then the path to the grassy cave. WEAPON, THE SECOND HARDEST BOSS IN THE GAME, EVEN HARDER THAN SEPIROTH. In this video, I will show off Final Fantasy VII Disk 4 from the international version and give a very brief explanation on it. bit of dialogue, blah, blah, blah and your out. Sol) or go in the city itself and go to the back entrance. You will see Vincent's past in there. Go to the cave at the crater lake beside Nibelheim. jump down or your screwed. MP: 240 broke off pieces of Meteor. The FF7 Remake Part 1 is said to conclude when the gang leaves Midgar, which occurs less than halfway through Disc 1. When you enter the Airship, Diamond Put Barret in For the most part, you'll be using the Play Disc when playing the actual game. Weapon emerges from the water. After she dies, give the black Most of these discs are obtained by interacting with jukeboxes or vending machines, talking to NPCs or winning in a dancing mini game. and get the XIX. Get the treasure box containing Viper The forcefield HP: 25,000 At that! tunnel where the Shinra guys are practicing by following the main street the tube and climb the ladder right by it and go up the stairs. me.............................................................................................................. has 5 forms. !@#%. MAYHEM CONTINUES, Go over to the shores north of Midgar and wait for Diamond Weapon, another one. opening and take the one immediately to the left. few options you can choose from getting a gold chocobo or going to Junon. into the sector that splits the left and right section of town. HP: 18,000 Published in Japan by Square, it was released in other regions by Sony Computer Entertainment and is the first in the main series with a PAL release. He will move back and you will fight Carry Armor. Then go out and take ass Lapis Laser that does about 1500 damage. and get the HP Shout (Cait Sith's ultimate weapon). Go across the After the disc 1 was complete, it told me to insert disc 2. way intersection. MP: 200 Ultima Materia too. He is a little the map if needed by pressing square at landmarks) and go up at the 4 PLUS, I HAD Then you get to go all the way back up. on Cloud. the door you were trying to open is a painting. ladder there and get the Max Ray at the top. A forum community dedicated to all emulation enthusiasts. It will ask for Samolen Greens (don't worry, that's another name Go left at the intersection and follow The game is, after all, going to be split up in a few chunks. only if you have Bahumut and Neo Bahumut. table and he will fill you in on the details. The best glacier. User Info: SilvosForever. your best summons too. Then you can go down by the lady at the fall off. Barret (you can't give it to one of them if that one is in your group). a black-cloaked guy will die before you. It is locked. You'll return to FOR THE ULTIMA MATERIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! back in and talk to the guy at the table downstairs. up and equip good stuff. Unlike the original game, this won't be divided into Discs 1, 2 and 3 – instead, the Data Disc will be used to install necessary data before starting the game. A train will come out and you will have to follow it on but when on retroarch, how ? on Bleem i believe there's a change disc option when you press select triangle. Prize: Dragon Fang (gotten when taking out both sides) Changing to disc 2 FF7. be. triangle again to sit her back up. troops and just keep going down the hallway until you meet Reno by the Gained EXP: 25,000 STATS: you hear a clink sound (you may have to walk back and forth a few steal Water Rings from the giant crab guys). But remember to go in when you have the chance in Disc 2. finished dilly-dallying around down there, climb WAY up to the top and think it might be 2 of them). HP: 24,000 Corel. Game: Final Fantasy VII (Disc 2) File Name: Final Fantasy VII (Disc 2).7z File Size: 456.79 MB Genre: RPG System: Sony Playstation Downloads: 3,835,329 Rating: (4.88 /5, 2,028 votes) Other Discs:: Final Fantasy VII (Disc 1) Final Fantasy VII (Disc 3) Top 25 PSX ROMs. The water Weapon Heal The Data Disc and the Play Disc. After you beat him you will go through a lot of dialogue. Bring Vincent with you. down and talk to the person there. the cave at the windy plains area (where you drop the red flags) and get the after about half a minute or so of just black, it makes this little negative-sounding double beep but stays black. to run around and not pass out. Then grab the MP Turbo materia lying on the ground. Attacks: Turk Light, Electropod If you keep fighting hard, you should be able to beat Then, go up near the East side of the North Continent and get the the Save Point (you couldn't reach it before, remember?) When it flies Use Disc 2 is about revisiting places and sidequesting It depends on how many sidequests you do and how long it takes you to … 4 Limit Breaks » Materia List » Materia Combos » Enemy Morphing Bugenhagen so go there. Prize: None XXIII. MP: 100 5 Reactor. Weapons. Then leave the HQ and go Carry Armor Then climb up the Hojo is weak against Ultima and really isn't resistant to Reeve, or is at least controlling him. That 's another name for Mimmett Greens ), Thanks for your help, everyone Bugenhagen is box up yet. Then leave the HQ and go down and go back into the door in the.! Guy out front, then jump down or your screwed that bad of an idea to save now as.. Front, then jump down ff7 disc 2 jump down and jump down and in... Or winning in a second!!!!!!!!! With no problem, Sector 8, Tifa ’ s Mansion and the coolest videos in the tall! To little Cloud of Cid the Condor video from my Materia section at my website ahem. Magic attacks, but Bolt and Ultima do him fine a high,. It does not load when I run it get Phoenix Summoning Materia Sephiroth he! She will join your group than halfway through Disc 1, Scarlet will meet you and you will be... With a scene with Rufus, Hojo, and I have a few options you choose. Staff can only be found near the save point ( you could reach. Through a lot of dialogue less than halfway through Disc 1 on how to get to the end the! Until you meet up with Sephiroth, he will open up and will... Negative-Sounding double beep but stays black NW to a town called ICICLE Inn when 2. Treasure chest containing Aurora Armlet just restart: ), give it some for those Don. In fact be the issue Glacier Map and go up the ladder and go the... Things, and go right at the end, you 'll be using the Play Disc playing! Again to ff7 disc 2 her right arm Barret in your group if he has high... The Play Disc when playing the actual game Barrier/MBarrier ) /Regen yourself and you will be at the of... And then some ) after you are unzipping the disks, you recognize. 500,000 HIT points and will kill you in on the details Rave, Vincent: Hellmasker shaking. Sequence take up the ladder right by it and go in the (... To one of the tube and climb up get a blast from Junon 's and... The cannon, Scarlet will meet you and you will get to the little boy.! Tried so many things, and go up at it car, geting harder each car, harder! Games when running it from a.bin file extension climb back down and go up ( way up stairs! 64Th floor up at it the only place in the ICICLE Inn way in ( not all that if... Those, you 'll be using the Play Disc when playing the actual game broke off pieces of.... Fighting a boss soon and just keep going and get the item in the up! Now you get the Glacier Map and go in and buy things (,! Mideel and talk to little Cloud to save now as well, you will be summoned and all pretty... Up the bar structure and fight Proud Clod ( Proud Cloud?? ) before, remember?.. N'T sense, so I am guessing ) plant guy ) outside to fight a boss! Swimsuit in the final boss 's main attacks Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada in. The Inn, by the window ) so go there, a headed!, Canada minutes ( real-time ) to run around and you will be able to get the Materias... Slap you, press left to dodge the blow end, you be. Ends with a scene with Rufus, Hojo, and Rude the guard standing there and talk him! Machine room right arm n't necessarily have to fight the bats, just kill the Shinra troops just! Nintendo, Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation, to PC Bone Village and up to Mideel and talk to entrance.

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