Your commitment to NJBP

In order to be a member of North Jersey Business Professionals you are required to:

  • Be the owner, manager, or official representative of a legitimate business.
  • Be the only business in your category.
  • Attend meetings regularly unless you notify the President or a Board member prior to the meeting. This is an excused absence and only 4 are allowed per quarter. If no prior notification is received, then it is considered an unexcused absence and unexcused absences are not allowed.
  • Be on time for meetings.  Meeting starts at 7:45 AM sharp.
  • Give your 10 minute presentation when you are scheduled to do so, or incur a $10 fee.
  • Bring new members to the group and give referrals to others in the group.
  • Pay member dues of $100 per year to cover promotion of the group and events outside of weekly meeting.