Raul Brijlall of Tenra

Website: Tenra.tech

Category: Security Cameras and Phone Systems

Tenra is a technology-based company located in New Jersey. We cater mostly to the tri-state area but have a few clients nationwide. We offer residential, commercial, and corporate custom IT services to match each of our customer’s specific needs. These services include but are not limited to data center solutions, networking, VoIP, security camera installation, office 365 setups and migration, remote monitoring, cybersecurity, security camera installation and setups, cloud hosting, point-sales-installations, data backup/recovery, and HIPPA compliant tech services. We aim to provide a holistic based approach to each customer’s technology-related needs. Free estimates are included for each of these services.

Raul Brijlall

Email: raul@tenra.tech

Office: 201.375.4999

Cell phone: 862.202.6795