08-avoid-while-tired-gauging-tired1Are you tired of trying to figure out the best way to market your business without wasting a ton of money?

I complied a list of what works and what doesn’t for business owners when it comes to marketing.

What doesn’t work when marketing your business:

  • Tying to handle all the marketing yourself (a tweet here and there, a blog post once a year, Facebook posts once a week…all with minimal results)
  • Having a family member do all your marketing (my spouse handles all the marketing for us, including social media…when he or she has time to get to it every now and then)
  • Having one of your employees handle their day-to-day responsibilities and maintain all your social media outlets (they get burned out and something will suffer when they have to shift gears so frequently)
  • Spending all your marketing budget on a one-off campaign or direct mailer (if you dump most of your money into a one-off campaign, how are you going to reach your entire audience?)
  • Not marketing your company at all (referrals are great but why not reach a larger audience?)
  • Having a terrible website (no one goes on our website anyway. how would you know if you lost a potential client or consumer if your website is terrible)
  • Not having a website at all (huge mistake. we live in a digital world and a majority of people live online and make snap judgements based on your availability. not being visible online will hurt your business)

What works when marketing your business:

  • Consulting with a professional marketing person (someone who is knowledgable enough to guide you in the most efficient manner)
  • Develop a solid marketing plan with a realistic budget ( a minimum of four months)
  • Let a professional marketing person handle your marketing plan (stick to running your business and doing what you do best)

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